The Pro-Life Gen Changes Medical Minds

By Bethany Janzen, SFLA Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator

Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor, was the keynote speaker at the American Medical Association’s Annual Meeting in Denver this past weekend. And the Pro-Life Generation was there to tell her – and all the attendees – that abortion isn’t healthcare.

Sixteen courageous high school and college students, healthcare personnel, and community members sacrificed their Sunday to stand in solidarity with the human person. We respectfully spoke with and informed the medical community coming to hear Cecile Richards give her keynote address.

We also talked with several pro-life medical staff, two of which wanted to have their picture taken with our “I Am the Pro-Life Generation” signs. One lady walking into the building held up a handmade “Respect Life” sign to show her support.

We had our #PinkFleet van parked across the street, an easy visual to remind people of Bethany AMA2Planned Parenthood’s shady business practices and betrayal of women. We also held banners explaining Planned Parenthood’s Cycle of Corruption and handed out informational cards. A Registered Nurse in a white lab coat held a sign reading, “Do No Harm” along with a local anesthesiologist who proudly held another pro-life sign.

“What’s this about?” asked one medical professional.

“We believe that every life is valuable and that you should do no harm, including to the preborn,” I responded.

“I agree that abortion isn’t good, but sometimes it’s necessary,” he countered. “For the life of the mother, for example.”

“We are pro-life. That means that we want to preserve the life of as many people as possible. So if both the mother and baby will die as a result of the pregnancy continuing, as in the case of a tubal pregnancy, an early delivery is done – often at 12 weeks. Sadly, we don’t have the technology at this point for the baby to live this young. But if the mother has a different condition like cancer, an early delivery after about 24 weeks is often possible and the mom and baby can both live.”

“I’m with you,” the healthcare professional walked away saying.

But sometimes we more subtly communicated our message.

“Have a great day!” I greeted medical personnel as they bee lined into the convention center, handing them one of Students for Life’s bright pink “Planned Parenthood Project” postcards.

“No thanks,” many responded, before suddenly stopping, turning around, and saying, “Oh wait, I’ll take one.” I’m pretty sure they thought we were with Planned Parenthood but it didn’t matter because we were able to give them some good reading material and tell them what no else is saying: that abortion isn’t healthcare and that Cecile Richards runs an organization that gets over 40% of its revenue from taxpayers and still commits over 324,000 abortions per year.

But my story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning two girls who stopped to look at our banners.

Bethany AMA Cecile“I don’t like abortion, but Planned Parenthood does a lot of other great things,” one said.

After we informed them that Federally Qualified Health Centers provide holistic healthcare with all the services that Planned Parenthood does (except abortion) plus many more at no or low cost, they both said, “Let’s fund these, not Planned Parenthood!”

Despite the fact that the American Medical Association invited Cecile Richards, president of the nation’s largest abortion vendor which commits 30% of the country’s abortions every year, to speak at their annual meeting, American medical professionals don’t all agree with her. Many are pro-life.