Students for Life Leadership Summits

Students for Life Leadership Summits are a great opportunity to network with pro-life students, to connect with other pro-life leaders in the region, and to get the leadership training you need to effectively run your group. SFLA provides highly specialized training for group leaders to address the challenges and opportunities you face at your school.

Our goal is to bring as many leaders (and future leaders) as possible together to inspire and equip you to create strong and active groups. We will help you strategize how to grow the pro-life student movement at your high school and abolish abortion in your community.

Each summit is personalized for the region and for the different groups attending. We also create new sessions based on the needs of the pro-life students in your region. Past conferences have covered topics such as:

  • Growing Your Group
  • Pro-Life Apologetics
  • Sidewalk Counseling
  • Activism
  • Fundraising
  • Post-Abortion Healing Testimonies
  • Your Legal Rights on Campus
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Planning Your Year
  • Leadership
  • And more!

Upcoming Leadership Summits for the 2015-2016 school year:

For the 2014-2015 school year, we had Leadership Summits in:

  • September 20th: Clinton, MS
  • September 28th: Philadelphia, PA
  • October 4th: Washington D.C.
  • October 18th: Denver, Colorado
  • October 25th: Austin, TX
  • October 25th: Phoenix, AZ
  • November 8th: Minneapolis, MN
  • November 22nd: Indiana
  • March 21st: Boston, MA
  • March 28th: NE Ohio
  • March 28th: St. Louis, MO
  • April 11th: Farmington, NM
  • April 18th: Lexington, KY
  • April 18th: Seattle, WA
  • April 25th: San Marcos, CA