October Event-in-a-Box: Love Them Both

Fall is upon us and amidst the changing of colors, pumpkin spice lattes, and Halloween candy, we want to take time to speak a message of hope and love to pregnant and parenting teens.

For the month of October, we want to provide you with all the materials you will need to spread a message of love and compassion for your peers through the Pregnant on Campus Initiative’s new high school program – Building a Better Future. For more information, visit www.PregnantOnCampus.org/High-School

We believe that there is a better response to unplanned teen pregnancy and that together we can build a future for pregnant and parenting teens by establishing a community of support. We believe that these teens should be encouraged in their personal, educational, and career goals, and we will support them. With this month’s Event-in-a-Box*, you will be able to confidently:

  • Educate your peers about teen pregnancy
  • Emphasize the importance of loving your classmates no matter what
  • Challenge your peers to discuss better ways to encourage and support pregnant classmates and friends

For a training on how to Love Them Both, contact your Regional Coordinator for information to attend the Embrace Grace training, featuring Amy Ford, on Oct 11, 2016 at 8pm Eastern.

Please note: High school student leaders are strongly encouraged to speak to their faculty advisor before hosting this project. If your advisor has any concerns regarding the content or purpose of this project, please contact Missy Stone (National Field Director), mstone@studentsforlife.org .



  • Tabling sign-up sheets
  • Teen Pregnancy Fact Sheet
  • Pregnant on Campus Marketing Guide
  • “Love Them Both” flyers
  • Abortion Pill Reversal drop cards
  • “Pregnant? Need help?” drop cards
  • Pregnant on Campus info cards
  • “Love Them Both” wristbands
  • “I Support Pregnant and Parenting Students” promotional stickers



1.Educate your group about available resources for pregnant and parenting students

2. Hang up flyers

3. Talk to your classmates about better ways to address teen pregnancy


To order the September Event-in-a-Box, contact your Regional Coordinator today! 
If you are a student in CA or NV, contact Camille Rodriguez.
If you are a student in OR, WA, ID, MT, HI or AK contact Katie Lodjic.
If you are a student in CO, NM, WY, AZ, or UT, contact Jake Simon.
If you are a student in MI, IN, or OH, contact RJ McVeigh.
If you are a student in VA, MD, PA, DC, or DE, contact Michelle Hendrickson.
If you are a student in KY, WV, or TN, contact Brenna Hartwell.
If you are a student in NE, IA, KS, IL, or MO, contact Reagan Barklage.
If you are a student in OK or TX, contact Jillian Ferguson.
If you are a student in NY or NJ, contact Keri Landeche.
If you are a student in NC, SC, GA, or FL, contact Ryan Eyrich.
If you are a student in MN or WI, contact Maddie Schulte.
If you are a student in a state not listed, contact Lisa Stover.



1.Get approval from your school to have a table during a high traffic time! Some schools require a week or two for approval, so plan accordingly.

2. Get educated. Use the enclosed “Teen Pregnancy” fact sheet to educate your campus about teen pregnancy and to how to better support pregnant and parenting teens. Be sure to give a copy to each of your members and distribute them at your group’s table.

3. Make copies of the “Teen Pregnancy Fact Sheet” and the “Love Them Both” flyers to have on your table.

4. Pick your prompt. Tabling is much more successful with an interactive element. Choose a prompt question or statement to ask students. You can use a question to encourage positive messages of support, like “What would you say to support a pregnant friend?” or “Messages of Love for Pregnant Teens.” Make a big poster with your prompt, and set up a board to post students’ comments.

Find more instructions for how to organize a Free Speech Table here:  www.PregnantOnCampus.org/free-speech-board/

5. Encourage positive dialogue. Ask your group members to each post a positive message onto the Free Speech Board to start a hopeful dialogue. You can post notes like:

  • Don’t give up!
  • Pregnancy doesn’t have to change your goals
  • You are strong and capable
  • We support you
  • You can achieve whatever you set your mind to
  • Follow your dreams
  • You can be a good mom and a good student
  • You are not alone
  • We love you
  • We care about you and your baby

6. Don’t forget your club banner, a tablecloth, clipboard, club sign up sheets, “I Support Pregnant and Parenting Students” stickers, your Free Speech materials (e.g. signs and posters), other resource handouts, and pens.

7. Use social media to post pictures of your group at the table with the hashtags #PregnantOnCampus and #LoveThemBoth. You can even ask students to film quick 30-second videos (e.g. what they learned, what surprised them, a message of support, or personal testimonies). Remember to tag the Pregnant on Campus Initiative (@PregnantOnCampus) on your posts.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @PregnantOnCampus



1.Get approval from your school to hang up the flyers. Some schools require a week or two for flyer approval, so plan accordingly!

2. Write your club contact info on the bottom of the flyer for interested students to get in touch with you.

3. Make copies of the enclosed flyers.

4. Flyer your school. Post flyers on all acceptable bulletin boards, in your faculty advisor’s classroom, on bathroom door stalls, etc. Make sure that you get school approval and that you respect club rules regarding posting.

5. Use social media to post pictures of your group hanging up the flyers and use the hashtag #PregnantOnCampus and #LoveThemBoth. Tag the Pregnant on Campus Initiative and your school.