2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide!

Here at Students for Life, we are steadily planning awesome materials and events for next year, and we want to share our latest creation with you! The 2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide is here and ready to help your group have the best year ever!

We understand that students have a lot going on with classes, exams, school breaks and events. Throw in being a part of the largest pro-life organization on your campus, and you’ll see that time-management and planning play major roles in making a difference. To help your group stay on top of your game, we created a 2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide!

Happy young woman sitting at home with pen and paper

To get started, take the time to read through the guide and create balance for your group between civic and social activities and events. For example, schedule a training with your Regional Coordinator for Recruitment, then plan a day to volunteer at your local Pregnancy Resource Center. Try to avoid only focusing on one area of the pro-life movement. Instead, engage your community with a variety of events that advance the pro-life message throughout the year.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Guide:

  • Print it! (We know, this may seem “old school” but you’ll thank us later!)
  • Mark important dates: Freshman Orientation, First/Last day of class, Exam Weeks, All major holidays, breaks, or school events (football games, homecoming, etc.) We’ve listed all national pro-life events, but be sure to fill in your local events and campaigns.
  • Brainstorm and create a list of events to do throughout the school year. Mix it up with small and big events, and begin with those that build relationships between members. Slowly move towards more advanced activities as the year progresses.
  • Set goals. Be realistic with planning your events. Consider costs, materials needed, and time required to pull them off. Plan an activity every other week (in addition to weekly meetings) and one big event each semester. Contact your Regional Coordinator for training with Planning Your Year over the summer.
  • Review the calendar at your first meeting of the new year with the group. Make any changes, additions, or deletions as needed, and start delegating responsibilities for specific activities in order to make them happen.

Refer back to the Plan Your Year Guide throughout the year to stay on track. Use it to create a budget for each event with help from your Regional Coordinator.

This is YOUR year to plan. Make it COUNT!

For a preview, visit: 2017-2018 Plan Your Year Guide. Contact your Regional Coordinator, or email info@studentsforlife.org for your own copy!