2015-2016 Plan Your Year Guide Is Now Available!

Our 2015-2016 Plan Your Year Guide is now available to help you and your group plan a successful, life-saving, culture-changing year!

One of the key aspects of being a successful group is planning ahead! Before the school year begins, or as your group is forming, sit down with your adviser and other club leaders to plan your year. Use the link below to download your very own copy of SFLA’s Plan Your Year Guide and get to planning!

Tips on using your SFLA Plan Your Year Guide:

1) Use your SFLA Plan Your Year Guide, or another calendar to mark the following dates:

Freshman Orientation
First day of class
All major holidays, breaks, or school events (football games, homecoming, etc.)
Exam week
Last day of class

2) Next, fill in all national and local pro-life events and campaigns – We’ve listed all national pro-life days, but be sure to fill in your local events and campaigns.

3) Now, that you have an idea of what your year will look like, propose a few meeting times. Do you want to meet twice a month? What day of the week works best for the majority of members? What time? Go ahead and mark your meeting times on your calendar so that everyone can plan ahead.

4) Next, plan recruitment events for the beginning, middle, and end of the school year.Have a tabling display or event specifically aimed at recruiting new members. Plan to attend club activities fairs for incoming freshman!

5) Most importantly, set goals for events. We recommend that your group has a least one event per month. This can include a flyering campaign, a baby item drive or baby shower, a fetal development display, etc. Propose at least two days per month for possible events and ask your members what best fits with their schedules. Solidify those dates as soon as possible so the group can plan.

When deciding on events use your vision and mission statement to guide your discussion. What events can you do that will help you accomplish your goal? This keeps your group focused and makes event planning easier. If you want to host a speaker, show a pro-life movie, or find more ideas on exciting pro-life events, visit Studentsforlife.org

For your own copy of this year’s Students for Life Plan Your Year Guide, download from the link above, contact your Regional Coordinator or email info@studentsforlife.org.